I volunteer at a pregnancy center and it’s always interesting when couples come in together and the woman takes a pregnancy test and finds out it is positive and unplanned. We always sit them down and ask what their plans are and almost always when the girl suggests that she wants to get married the guy makes a “what the fuck?” face.

I’m sure in front of a stranger after just finding out you’re pregnant is not the time you want to learn that you two aren’t on the same page in regards to your relationship. Ladies, your plans for your man might not be his plans for you.

I think it’s time to start unfriending people.

I had an empanada for the first time just now and this is what it must feel like to know true happiness.


Two gift cards of all I ever really want.
Victoria’s Secret
Barnes and noble.

I’ll be set

This is me. Novels and pretty panties are two of my favorite things.

30clip replied to your post: “I’m in such an unexplainable, somber mood.”:

Find yourself some vodka

I don’t like alcohol, but thanks for the suggestion.

I’m in such an unexplainable, somber mood.

residentgoodgirl replied to your post: “I saw your post about the Muslim thing. I’m not Muslim but I’m from Syria. Anytime someone finds out or I tell them they always say “wait is your dad a terrorist? Do you have bombs? Are you going to blow up the school? Can I see your gun?” It’s so annoying”:


I’m sorry. u_u