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Lol what you talking about?

You’ve never seen one of those end of the world disease movies??? Lol

I hate to be so paranoid, but what if this Ebola outbreak is the beginning of the end? What if this is going to be what wipes out half of mankind on some Contagion, 28 Days Later, Quarantine type deal???








Hope this helps!

Are you fucking kidding me..? There’s literally something racist/false in every panel.. ‘Unnaturally cuts through’..? ‘Men don’t pluck’..? ‘Caucasian’..? A white liberal made this.. Guaranteed..

burn it with fire

Yeah, this would be a good reference for SOME eye shapes all around the races but dear god the racism. Why are White eyes the basic/default? Wugh!

"white liberal" ok I hate to burst someone’s bubble but (assuming the artist isn’t using an alias), Ji Hye Han is a Korean name. So you might wanna do some research before jumping to ‘guaranteed’ conclusions.

Have we forgotten that it is entirely possible for someone who is not white to hold harmful white stereotypical opinions or perceptions?

(posting this again so that you all get the message)

I made this tutorial and I am a Korean- Irish American. I apologize if I offended you, it was unintentional. Let me try to explain some of the things I said.

I used a White person’s eye for the basic tutorial because, unfortunately, that is what they teach in art classes. The subsequent parts of the tutorial attempt to then morph that “basic” eye into different races. I could have easily used a darker skin tone but it never occurred to me. That goes into the way I was conditioned to see white as “the default” even though I am not white. That is a problem with society today and I will keep that in mind in the future.

"unnaturally cuts through" refers to a surgically created fold in a person with a monolid. As someone who is pretty immersed in Asian culture it isn’t difficult to tell if someone has had a surgical fold or if the fold is natural. People who are born with monolids tend to have thicker eyelids which prevent the fold from forming naturally, which is why, when the fold is surgically created, it tends to "unnaturally cut through the thickest point" of the eyelid. 

"men don’t pluck" is not limited to the Asian culture. Men are generally not expected to pluck their eyebrows, whereas, women are (or do more often). Which is why men tend to have thicker or less sculpted eyebrows. I should have written "some men" because I am sure there are some who do, I generalized the gender and I shouldn’t have. But I was not being specific to Asia.

"Caucasian" is a general term for "the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia". So I was wrong to use this term, I thought it was a general term for White people. I’m sorry. 

This tutorial is a generalization of some of the different eye types that exist in the world. It is not perfect or complete, it is a simple compilation of my observations, which I made to try to help artists draw people of different races more accurately. These are not rules or laws because they are not always true. 

"a white liberal made this… guaranteed…" Don’t assume you know someones background or culture. I am a Korean- Irish American. And I apologize If I offended you, I promise it was unintentional. I hope my explanation helped clear things up for you.

Y’all really tried it.

Where can I get some of those bikini bottoms that have a piece of fabric covering the crotch and the cage-like strings across the sides?

Because of that football player there’s all this talk of domestic violence on the news and I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated. 1. If you put your hands on someone FIRST (not to defend yourself) you’re a dick and deserve jail time. 2. If you hit someone and they decide to hit you back you’re just an idiot.

If you’re a man who finds yourself in the second case you shouldn’t be crucified for it. If you’re a woman or man on the receiving end of the first case you need to realize you deserve better.


I think it’s about time everyone stopped adding that prefix to everything.



i need to take better photos but unf. i got the prettiest knife ever. its not the same one as endlessyuji's but from the same company i believe. it heavy and sturdy and beautifulll. and has a quick thumb switch for the blade which you can see in the last photo(on the left near my thumb). fuck. im so hype. ok bye :D 


Ohhh I want one.

Is there an inappropriate amount (social custom-speaking) to spend on a gift for a friend? Is this standard the same in romantic relationships? Because if I don’t think about it I can easily drop more than a hundred on someone because I love giving gifts but I don’t want to make the person feel uncomfortable with an overly pricey gift.


i am wack af tbh